The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

UCF’s mission is to changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults and their loves ones, as they fight cancer and embrace survivorship: (1) To provide young adults and their families with a unique and comprehensive system of support. (2) To provide support programs, education and resources, free of charge, to benefit young adults, their families and friends, who are affected by cancer. (3) To promote awareness and prevention of cancer.

UCF was selected by the OLS executive committee as one of five (5) non-profit beneficiaries at High Tide on the Harbor. Hosted by War Horse Cities & Swim Club, HTOTH served as both fundraising and engagement event, affording each non-profit the opportunity to actively engage OLS members and guests with its mission while competing for a $3,000 cash prize.

Jeremy Batoff (OLS co-founder), Scott Plank (War Horse Cities/host sponsor), Justin Batoff (OLS co-founder) and Jay Coldren (Swim Club/Host)

Upon entrance to High Tide on the Harbor, each attendee was given $25 in play money to purchase drinks from the open bar. Each time an attendee “purchased” a drink with his/her play money, his/her money would be placed in the non-profit’s bucket of his/her choosing.

But how do you decide who to put your money on with all these great causes?


At HTOTH, each group  received a cabana to be decorated for their cause and engaged with attendees over specific game or activity that related to their cause.  In the case of UCF, attendees were invited to “chip away at cancer” by sinking their chips to win a variety of prizes. And show off a little skill to the other 200 or so attendees that came out for an evening of “raising money while raising their glasses.”

In the end, UCF’s “funny money bucket” had runneth over, and UCF walked home with the $3,000 prize, funded collectively by each and every HTOTH attendees’ $25 admission ticket.

To learn more about UCF or get formally involved with their outreach efforts, please visit the UCF  website  by clicking HERE or contact us and we will facilitate an introduction.